Cruz Qualities

Cruz French machined imitation fur. Beautiful imitation furs that feel as good as they look. Globally renowned; the highest quality used by top fashion houses worldwide such as Chanel, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent. Cruz operates with a full service range of soft furnishings and fashion under the identifiable black and gold Cruz label for the past 15 years. Cruz French Fur products are all Australian Made from the finest imitation furs worldwide.

Each product is carefully handmade in Melbourne, Australia and available year round so you can pick and choose one product at a time without the worry of colour matching items at a later date. The imitation furs are 100% Cotton backed with a Modacrylic surface making them feel just like the real thing. Each individual fibre is made from the most advance technology in a wet dyeing process.

The fur fabrics are not printed or dyed over the finished surface like many cheap imitation furs. As a result, each strand looks and feels just like the animal it represents, from the root to the end of each hair because it is individually woven. These imitation furs do not malt or shed fibres everywhere like the cheap imitation furs. They are non-flammable and non-allergenic